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THE premiere 


WILMINGTON, North carolina 

+1 (910) 833-5863 

Now open mondays!

Cost & Rules


                1-5 people

                   1 hour                                           $ 28 per person

                   2 hour                                           $ 45 per person


                6+ people                                     

                   1 hour                                           $ 23 per person



                   30 minutes                                   $18 per person

                Early Bird Special*

                   1 hour                                          $ 23 per person

                                 *12 - 3pm Saturday & Sunday


Check out our socials for daily specials and upcoming events!!



                T-shirts                                              $ 25

                Hats                                                  $ 20

                Hoodies                                           $ 35

                Tanks                                                $ 18

                Stickers                                            $ 3

Rules & Safety

  • No open-toed shoes or high heels. 

  • Do NOT throw axes hard – axes hurt when they bounce back at you, and sticking an axe in the boards is more about finesse and less about power. 

  • Keep hands off fencing. 

  • Axes must stay in the lanes at all times. Only use the axe that you are given.

  • One axe per target. You are not Robin Hood! 

  • Don’t retrieve your axe until both axes have been thrown. 

  • Never try to catch or stop a bouncing axe with your feet. Seriously! 

  • Visually intoxicated persons will be immediately ejected. 

  • No food or drinks in the throwing lanes. 

  • Always return your axe to the magnet, do not hand off to the next thrower.

  • Everyone MUST sign a waiver prior to participating. If you only plan to spectate, a waiver and close-toed shoes are still required in the throwing gallery.

  • Prior to 9pm, we allow children over 10 years old to participate in axe throwing with parental consent and supervision. After 9pm we are 18+

  • Serviced by




Located in the South Front district, Axes & Allies provides a fun and safe atmosphere with axe and knife throwing. Our "axperts" are here to coach and maintain safety for all.


We offer a wide variety of local and national beers, wines, seltzers, ciders, kombucha, mead and delta8 infused beverages. Half-off drafts every Thursday!


Offering group parties, corporate events, team building, and mobile trailer bookings. Fun and competitive Leagues in every discipline sponsored by the WATL are run every Sunday.


2023 League Schedule:

  • Winter League: Jan 08 - Mar 12

  • Spring League: Apr 02 - Jun 04

  • Summer League: Jun 25 - Aug 27

  • Fall League: Sep 17 - Nov 19

***Walk-ins accepted on League Sundays based on lane availability.

Proud Member of the WATL & WKTL
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