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Summer League!

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Our axe and knife throwing leagues are a great way to get out and meet fun, new people while participating in a challenging and growing sport! We are affiliated with the WATL (World Axe Throwing League) and the WKTL (World Knife Throwing League) so you can see where you stand on the worldwide leaderboards.  Check below for brief descriptions of each league and our new online signup!  



         Pay-as-you-play: We offer a Pay-as-you-play option for leagues. If you choose this option, you will get a punch card that will get punched with each week that is paid. The cost per week is $21+tax for hatchet league and $8.50 +tax for other disciplines and you can pay for as many weeks as you want in advance.  You may choose this option for more than one discipline.

No players will be eligible to play in the week 8 tournament nor receive their commemorative league item unless they have paid their league dues up to week 7 (week 8 dues can be added to a tab and paid after the tournament).

*The multiple discipline discount on hatchet league does not apply if you choose this option.


        Make-up games: While you are able to miss up to 3 weeks of league, we have a policy that you may only play a max of 8 games during regular league times.  What this means is, if you miss two weeks in a row then come in, you will play only the 4 games from the current week and 4 from one previous week. You will have to make up the remaining 4 games another time, either the next week or in a single player match after league is over. This is to keep leagues within their time limits and make it fair to the people that show up every week.


       NEW RULES:  2024 is bringing some big changes to the regular hatchet league in terms of rules and target design. While there are some nuances in judging, it doesn't take much to understand how to play. If you would like to learn more, here's a link to the 2024 WATL rules:

The "gameplay" tab is really the most important for players but feel free to peruse the whole page. If "Code of Conduct" stands out to you, then it might be a good idea to leaf through that section as well!

REGULAR HATCHET:         Regular hatchet will begin on SUNDAY, JUNE 30 th in two time slots: 12pm-2pm and then 7:30pm-9:30pm. A "regular hatchet" is defined as an axe weighing no more than 3lbs with a handle no longer than 19" and a blade no longer than 4". (for reference, both our house axes qualify as “regular hatchets”)  Spring league will run for 8 weeks ( 7 weeks of regular play and a double elimination tournament on week 8)  Cost for hatchet league is $165* (+tax) and that includes the full league season plus a commemorative league item you will receive at the end. League membership has other perks as well- half off throwing during non-league times, weekly raffles from our beer sponsors and drink specials during league.  

*Hatchet league cost is $150+tax if throwing in multiple disciplines and paid in full on week 1.


SIgn Up Here!

Payment taken on week 1 of each league. (Except with pay-as-you-go)

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Payment taken on week 1 of each league. (except for Pay-as-you-go)
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